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Summer Wrap Up

As another February rolls to a close, another Summer has, unfortunately, been and gone. So, should we be saying goodbye to balmy nights, the silly season, and all the excuses to party that summer brings with it? While that notion may be a little painful for most of us to swallow, just because summer is over doesn’t mean all the fun has to be.

This summer saw Sunday Safari throw some of our wildest parties to date. However, we couldn’t have done it without you guys. From the bottom of our sweaty, soiled hearts, we want to thank you for going bananas at each and every party we put on. The vibe wouldn’t be what it is without you.

From sweating your faces off at the 5th Birthday at Bangalow A&I Hall with World Champion, The Babe Rainbow & co., to dancing like it was your last day on Earth at the Hayden James Masterclass In-House at The Beach Hotel, we saw you go hard again and again, without fail. Then, we saw you all lose your minds (as we did with you) at the peak of the festive season, punctuated by eternal favourites Bag Raiders, who put on their best show to date in front of a sweaty, salivating local crowd. And how can we forget the unparalleled experience that was the Bang Gang beach party? Featuring Riton, Nicky Nighttime, Beni and Dangerous Dan, that was certainly one for the ages.

Galaxy Girls

Are all these memories making you feel emotional that summer is done and dusted? Well don’t tear up just yet, because Sunday Safari isn’t quite finished. We still have some exciting news to announce, most notably that you will need to save the date this Easter Sunday for our huge, annual Sunday Safari x Flight Facilities party. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground, because we’re sending of summer in the same debauched style that we brought it in with - and you won’t want to miss it.

We know your liver and your wallet may be tired after what seems like a 6-month long bender, but we urge you; don’t hang up your dancing shoes before the best party of the year. One more won’t hurt, we promise.

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