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Skream is coming on Safari!

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This is the part where we tell you that you want to come to our party. This is the part where we tell you that your legs want to dance, your mouth is thirsty, and your body wants to be moving rhythmically amongst a crowd of other humans. This is the part where we tell you what a beautiful setting Byron Bay is, but you already know that. Quite frankly, everyone does. This is the part where we tell you that summer is finally in full swing; the Christmas stress is over, the hype of New Year’s Eve has died down. It’s now time to settle into the remainder of this balmy season and embrace it with relaxed, open arms. Oh, and you know The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, right? If so, then you know why we’re throwing the next Sunday Safari party there on the 24th of January.

Next, we’d probably try to convince you that the lineup is unparalleled. But again, we really don’t feel that we need to do that this time. Unless your wifi has been disconnected for the past 15 years, you definitely already know that Skream was a pioneer of the original dubstep scene. Widely acclaimed by fans and the industry alike, Skream’s versatility and talent are as rare as they are brilliant. He’s loves a good party too, and we know you all respect that.

Then we’d introduce you to Artwork. You know, he’s one third of Magnetic Man, alongside Skream and Benga. Artwork is one of the heads that, again, we don’t need to big up. We’d then mention what an ever-evolving, chameleonic career he’s had, backed up by a set of incredibly stellar skills. In his words, he asks you to book him to “destroy, smash or at the very least spill drinks at your club”. How can you not love the guy.

We could probably leave the event description right here, and say that’s all we’ve got. If you know what’s good for you, we know that you’d buy tickets right here and now.

But we’re about to hit you with that Danoz Direct: but wait, there’s more.

Supporting this unfathomably sweet lineup, and catering to all your psychedelic dance needs, we’ve enlisted local boys Nocturnal Tapes to round out the party with the highest of vibes. You can also catch these guys at the upcoming Mountain Sounds Festival.

This part is almost not worth mentioning, except for the fact that we know you love these guys as much as we do. This is when we’d mention that, as always, we’ve got the crowd-pleasing, dancey-time-inducing Safari DJs to keep you jiving all night long.

So do what we already know you’re gonna do. Buy a ticket. Have a dance. Enjoy yourself.
Tickets are $10+BF available at sundaysafari.com.au or $15 on the door.

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